Our Community Service

Our hosted events, presentations, and distributions to the community around us.

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Donations

During these trying times and due to the Coronavirus, Tech Dreams Foundation donated to the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. We gathered together, in order to ensure that first responders in hospitals had enough supplies to handle the Coronavirus, to donate supplies like face masks, hand sanitizer, and Clorox wipes.  

While visiting, our members were able to see a small glimpse of the day of hard-working first responders during a challenging time like this. This event helped us open up our eyes and showed us how challenging it was and how dire the situation was. 

Through this event, we were able to show other families and community members how they could contribute to fighting the Coronavirus, even if they weren’t a first responder. Moreover, we supplied the Santa Valley Medical Center with medical supplies that they needed.

Making Face Shields 

Screen Shot 2021-09-18 at 2.12.38 PM

In order to help medical workers prevent the spread of COVID-19, we made and then donated face shields to medical workers in various hospitals and clinics.

Making the face shields involved 3D printing a headband, and then hole punching and attaching a plastic sheet to the headband, which then acts as the physical barrier to block the airborne spread of the virus. Additionally, another plastic sheet above the headband that provided extra protection was required by Bay Area medical workers, which we also added to our face shields.

We remixed the 3D printed headband design to allow for plastic sheets punched by a standard 3-hole punch, instead of the 4 holes in the original design. We also simplified the production of the top sheet, holding it together with tape instead of with a zip tie, which also resulted in less hole punches needed.