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Tech Dreams Manufacturing Services offers a way for anyone, whether you are in a robotics program or not, to create their own custom parts without buying expensive and large machinery. 

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Why Tech Dreams?

In order to benefit our fellow robotics community and to further our goal of helping our society through STEM, Tech Dreams is offering a cutting/building service for other robotics teams, as many of them do not have the expensive machinery to create custom and optimal parts. We hope that with this service, our fellow robotics teams will be able to achieve their greatest potential, and in turn, help the community around us.

Our Services

CNC Routing

Lathe Turning

3D Printing

Custom Cut Spacers/Hex

Extra Details
Available Materials
  • 6061 Alu in 1/8 IN and 1/4 IN
  • Polycarbonate in 1/8 IN
  • 6061 Aluminum Round Stock
  • Delrin Acetal Round Stock
  • PLA and PETG
Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Priority Shipping Options
  • Completely Customizable
  • Friendly Customer Service
  • Quality Ensured Results

How It All Works

Step One: Find Which Options Suit You

Before you place your order and to make the best use out of our very flexible service, please look over our delivery options and make sure that the material you selected is the best for your project. We offer Aluminum for parts that need to be stronger and not too heavy, such as drivetrain components. We also offer Polycarbonate for Routing and Delrin Acetal for Turning which are both good options if you are looking for some lighter parts that may not undergo as much stress. An example of such is intake ramps. For your 3D printing needs, we offer PLA for standard medium stress parts and PETG if you need stronger parts that can withstand some more stress. We are also highly flexible, so if you need any materials that we might not have, feel free to contact us!

  • Delivery Options:

  • Priority Mail Express ( 2 Days )
  • Priority Mail ( 1-3 Business Days )
  • First-Class Mail [ Only for small orders under 0.5 LBS ] ( 1-3 Business Days )
  • USPS Retail Ground ( 2 - 8 Business Days )

Please check USPS for any changes or other references; we are not responsible for any packages damaged/ lost/ stolen.

Step Two: Submit Our Manufacturing Services Form

To place your order, please fill in and submit a Tech Dreams Manufacturing Services form. The process is quick and simple, and you'll be able to complete it in no time! To find our form, either scroll up and click on "Order Now" or click the button below:

Step Three: TDMS Response and Payment

After submitting your order through our form, our team will contact you either through our Discord server, or through email, depending on whether or not you submitted your Discord account and joined. We will talk to you about the total cost (which will depend on the details of your order, such as your chosen material, machining time, and the size of your custom part). The payment will be completed through a PayPal transaction. 

To join our Discord server:

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Step Four: Enjoy Your New Custom Parts!

After completing your purchase, all that's left is to wait for your part to arrive. Enjoy your purchase, and thank you for choosing Tech Dreams Manufacturing Services! All profits will be donated to our nonprofit services, and to continue our legacy of helping the STEM community.

If you enjoy what we do and are satisfied with your results, feel free to email us a review! Thank you!

For more information, email us:

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